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Full dentures

There are three types of complete dentures:

- centric

- semi-precision

- precision

These are used to restore teeth with fully functional teeth to completely toothless jaws. As part of this solution, the new teeth are supported by a resin base, similar in color to the gum. At the level of the upper jaw, this restoration is maintained by the suction force, unlike the mandible.

denturologue blainville

What are the stages of denturological treatment?

First stage :

Denturological examination, development of a treatment plan and first impression of your mouth.

Second step :

Second impression of your mouth.

Third step :

Recording of the position of the upper jaw and mandible, advice on the choice of teeth, both in terms of shape, size and color based on the center of the face, the corners of the lips, the length of upper lip, smile line, etc.

Fourth step:

Fitting of new prostheses and verification of the functional and aesthetic aspect.

Fifth step:

Appetizer (minor adjustments to the joint, correction of certain inaccuracies and elimination of pressure points on the gums, if necessary).

Immediate prosthesis

It is a prosthesis placed in the mouth immediately after the extraction of natural teeth and requires 2 to 3 appointments.

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