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The association of denturists provides its members with a price guide. Our clinics comply with this reference guide.

Every mouth is different and dentures can vary depending on materials, teeth and additions like reinforcements or soft bases. The exact cost of a dental prosthesis will be announced after an initial free examination of the patient's mouth and their expectations.

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Canadian Dental Care Plan

Good news !!

The Canadian Dental Care Plan refund your removable complete and partial dentures!

Don’t hesitate to make your request now

Applications will be accepted gradually, starting with people aged 87 and over, starting in December 2023.

If you are under 87 years old, don't worry, it's your turn soon, requests will be accepted gradually over time!

People aged 77 to 86 years old, applications will be accepted from January 2024

People aged 72 to 76 years old applications will be accepted from February 2024

People aged 70 to 71 years old applications will be accepted from March 2024

People aged 65 to 69 can apply online from May 2024

People aged 65 to 69 can apply online from May 2024

Go to the site or click on the link:

for more details

Insurance and tax

You’re probably entitled to refunds,
participation of your insurance or tax return.
If you are insured, we will assist you so that you
receive the maximum reimbursement you are
eligible with your insurance company.
In addition, you may be eligible for a
tax refund. For prostheses on
implants, this reimbursement reached
often around 30% of the costs.


Our prices are competitive. The quality of the treatments that you will receive, as well as the materials that we use, are top of the range. To get a personalized estimate, make an appointment for an exam. There are no specific fees associated with the first exam.

* There is no tax on dentures.

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