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Flexible prostheses

Traditional removable dental prostheses are made of hard dental resin, or dental resin mounted on a metal structure.

But there are flexible, unbreakable, light dental resins with invisible hooks, in short all the qualities we would like to take advantage of.

Flexible removable dentures are used more and more because they are less traumatic for the gums.

denturologiste fabreville

Advantages of the flexible prosthesis

It is a very light prosthesis, your speech will be as fluid, you will be able to speak freely without constraint.

Aesthetics in dental prosthesis is essential. Flexible resin hooks are much more discreet and flexible than metal hooks and therefore will not traumatize the supporting teeth.


✔Natural effect thanks to its unrivaled translucency.

✔Stain stable over time.

✔ thickness of the prosthesis at 2 mm instead of 4 to 5 mm.

✔Do not alter chemically with fluids in the oral cavity

✔ Improved aesthetics.

✔Your braces will be almost invisible.

✔ Absence of allergic reaction

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