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Prosthesis on implants


These prostheses are attached directly or indirectly to the implants which are inserted into the bone, in order to create one or more anchor points. All of the care related to this type of prosthesis is carried out in the accomplishment of an interdisciplinary collaborative work between the denturist and a dental surgeon who will issue a prescription to begin care.

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At my age, is it possible?

People over the age of 90 have had implants without problems. An assessment of your state of health is made before starting treatment.

Is it painful?

Implant placement takes place with surprising comfort. Be aware that all staff make sure to provide you with maximum comfort during and after the intervention.

When placing the implants, you will have a

intravenous sedation in the presence of a private nurse.

Intravenous sedation is a procedure that reduces the stress and discomfort that a patient may experience with their surgery by administering sedatives through a vein. It promotes relaxation and facilitates the surgical procedure.

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What is the durability of prostheses on implants?

Many people have had implants for more than thirty years. It is therefore likely that they will be able to keep their implants throughout their lives by following the hygiene recommendations.

Can I wear my prostheses after the intervention?

Yes, during the procedure, your current prosthesis will be modified and a soft base will be added to it so that you can keep it comfortably during healing.

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Find better chewing

Thanks to the implants, you will find the stability essential to obtain better chewing and to eliminate health problems attributable to poor absorption of food. Another equally important and specific role of implants: they will slow down the inevitable bone resorption after tooth extraction.

Removable lower prosthesis on 4 implants

The procedure consists of inserting 4 titanium implants into the lower jaw on which a temporary prosthesis is installed immediately after surgery. A final complete prosthesis will be installed (clipper) a few months later.

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