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Occlusal plate

Do you cringe at night? Do you know the occlusal plates? It is a support device that is suitable for patients who suffer from bruxism (gnashing of teeth) or TMJ problem (jaw pain or cracking).

This plate is worn over your natural teeth, which provides a cushion between the upper teeth and the lower teeth to prevent them from coming into contact. When you cringe, you will rub your teeth on the material of the bite plate. It is therefore the latter which wears out instead of your natural teeth.

An occlusal plaque can last a few years, depending on the severity of the bruxism. It is worn especially at night but may be necessary during the day, depending on the degree of grinding of the teeth.

The occlusal plates can be made from different materials. The one that works best for most patients is the semi-rigid plate. This solution is easy to insert, malleable and comfortable.

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